Throwback Thursday: American heritage in St. Petersburg, Russia


Here’s a picture I took on my trip to St. Petersburg in 2008: Singer House was completed in 1904 as the Russian headquarter of Singer, an American manufacturer of sewing machines.

Today, another well-known company has its offices here: VKontakte, a successful Russian social media network, not much unlike Facebook.

You find the wonderful art nouveau building at the intersection of Nevsky Prospect and Griboyedov Canal. There’s a book store on the ground floor and a beautiful café on one of the upper floors.

(Note: That last link up there leads to OpenStreetMap, an open data mapping system that is free for everyone to use, you’re also invited to contribute if you like. It is being developed in cooperation with Imperial College London.)


  1. The Singer factory Art Deco clock towered over Clydebank before some unenlightened people had it torn down. Half the town was employed in the factory.



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