Throwback Thursday: Cars and aspirations in the city of London


It was after midnight on a warm Sunday night in August 2015 when I went from Soho to a friend’s place near the Victoria and Albert Museum. I found it exciting to walk the streets at this time, it was one of the very few occasions when I saw London quite empty.

This is a luxury cars showroom that I passed by on my way. I was fascinated by the scene: That huge angry sports car staring me in the eye, and then some lads outside waiting for their bus, wondering what I was up to.

Guess they were migrants and they may not have been too well off, a stark contrast to the high octane glamour just a couple of feet away from them.

Even though it’s just a snapshot, I find it hard to look at it and not wonder about social inequality in the UK  – if you would like to know more, the BBC has it all nicely written down for you.

Oh, maybe one more thought: Why are people still attracted to cars that run on fossil fuel, with global warming and all? I find that so 1986.

Well, that was when Margaret Thatcher was in office. Guess some things just haven’t changed much.



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