Rugs of Sweden: Don’t sweep anything under these carpets if you can avoid it. 

I had a chance to visit Rugs of Sweden in Lammhult lately – they find old handmade rugs in Sweden and ship them all over the world. Many of them are several decades old and in excellent shape: Sustainability in style. 

  As these rugs are so old, there are no series or batches. Each of them is unique. 

  Rugs of Sweden has more than 1,500 rugs in stock. 

  The variations in colours and patterns seem endless. 

 Most rugs are made of cotton, some are made of wool. All are in good condition and can be used right away. 

  This is co-owner Kajsa Holst with a rug that I like a lot: It’s from the 1940s, with a very reduced colour scheme, just red and black, and a simple geometric pattern. 

 This one has little ‘islands’ of fluffy yarn, like patches of grass. 

Check Rugs of Sweden’s website if you’d like to see more. 


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